We offer a variety of pole dance classes from introductory to advanced levels, based on the cycle training program which integrates you into this activity, step by step.


Let the music to inspire you and discover your inner dancer. Here we will teach you how to move to a rhythm and how to express your emotions through movement.


Build up strength, improve your posture and flexibility – which is beneficial not only for pole dancing, but for everyday live as well. Stretching, conditioning and ballet barre classes are available for all of these purposes.


Besides the regular scheduled classes, our studio offers special events, pole dance bachelorette parties. Share your ideas with us and we will find a way to provide them.


Our studio is introducing the exciting world of pole dance to people of the South Shore (Rive Sud) of Montreal. Spacious studio equiped with 13 two-mode (static and spinning) poles and ballet barre is located in Brossard, at boulevard Grande Allée. This is the station of energy exchange and inspiration. Together, we will fill this place with a creative and friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to support and encourage your adventures in pole dancing. Whatever your purpose is – whether it is to bring more fun and physical activity into your life, or to become more athletic and participate in future championships. Our studio is well located and easily accessible for people living on South Shore (Rive Sud) of Montreal: Longueuil, Brossard, Saint Hubert, Saint Lambert, Boucherville, Greenfield Park and Ile Des Soeurs. 

Why try it?
Because this sport promotes creative and artistic expression. It is also a dance practice which makes you strong, active and energetic.

Why fall in love with?
You feel as though you are flying on the pole. It is for the sense of accomplishment, inspiration and for the enormous amount of self-confidence that you build here.