Dance classes

Dance school is a good way to improve your spiritual and physical health. It resets your mind and promotes creativity. By focusing on the pleasure of dancing, you increase your endurance while getting in shape. You also attain good posture and the ability to move fluidly and gracefully.
At Pole Station Dance Studio, our classes consist of a warm up, followed by a dance choreography with an emphasis on techniques. The choreography of approximately two minutes long is changed every couple weeks.


Be seductive but tasteful. In this class you will learn not only how to dance, but to move beautifully and sensually. In Exotic pole dance accent is on the parter and around-the-pole choreography. You will learn floor work with different rolls, body waves and flips.

Pole Art

This class is created to introduce you to the artistic side of pole dancing. Here, you will find a way to express your feelings through dance. If you want to try a mix of pole spins, choreography while exploring your emotions and acquiring artistic skills, this class should be on your to-do list.