New students

Welcome to Pole Station Dance Studio – the largest pole dance studio on the South Shore of Montreal. We have pole dance and pole fitness classes of different levels and some additional classes such as Stretching and Ballet barre to help you develop necessary skills and enhance your progress at pole classes.

You don’t need to be an experienced athlete to start pole dancing.

POLE FIT INTRO – class for newbies

Here you will learn your first steps in a comfortable atmosphere with other students of your level. The class includes warm up, conditioning exercises to strengthen your body and basic pole moves on either spinning or static pole. Once you achieve all pole moves of this level, the teacher will inform you that you can join the Pole Fit Beginners classes.



What should I bring for my first class?

Bring your own yoga mat and a hand towel to clean the pole.
Outfit for Pole Fit classes: you will need shorts with a tank top, to ensure a good grip to the pole. You can be barefoot or in socks. Stretching and Ballet barre: t-shirt or tank top, leggings Exotic and Pole Art: knee pads are required, leggings or shorts, tank top.

How many classes of Pole Fit Intro I must do?

It depends on how fast your body adapt to activity. The level consists of 20 moves with variations that you need to master before you switch the level up. Usually, it takes two – three months of regular practices to complete Introductory level. You can stay in Intro classes as long as you need to feel confident and strong enough for the next level.

I feel shy, what if I won’t be able to do anything at my first class?

No worries, all students struggle to do one or another move and fail sometimes (even your teacher does too, believe it or not!). Don’t think that you will be in a class full of perfect flexible pole dancers, while you feel alone sliding on the pole. Instead, you will meet people who are going through the same things, with whom you can share your victories and goals.

Is there any age limit for pole classes?

It’s never too late or too early to fall in love with pole dancing. At this very moment we have students from 15 to 56 years old. We don’t have pole kids groups but teenagers starting at 14 years are welcomed. If you are under 18 years old, please contact us before you come to the studio for further instructions.